INGENCO began in 1989 when its founders pursued an opportunity to compete with the traditional utility companies. These utility companies build their plants in a manner that requires them to sacrifice either low operating costs or low capital costs when producing energy. INGENCO implemented a new approach to energy generation that allows the company to generate electricity while maintaining both low operating and capital costs.
INGENCO accomplishes this by integrating highly efficient diesel engines with custom electronic controls. The engines initially burned only diesel fuel, but as fuel prices rose sharply at the onset of the first Gulf War, INGENCO began pursuing lower-cost alternative fuel sources, such as the landfill gas a majority of INGENCO plants use to operate today.
INGENCO’s development portfolio includes experience in the cogeneration, distributed generation, and landfill gas-to-energy markets, supplying both electricity and electrical power generating products to the emerging deregulated

power markets in North America. Our network of company-owned power generating facilities supplies power sold into various day-ahead and real-time power markets, a process managed by our Central Dispatch Center.
As the company has grown, our corporate mission has also expanded to include increasing fuel economies from multiple fuel sources, decreasing air and sound emissions, and boosting efficiency in the fabrication, assembly, construction, and energy production processes.
INGENCO’s unique technology provides the platform upon which it develops commercially viable projects at landfill sites where other companies cannot. These landfill gas-to-energy projects help protect the environment by reducing harmful methane gas emissions from the landfills while also providing the landfills with economic growth.
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