INGENCO Selected as Finalist by Roanoke Valley Resource Authority

July 5, 2013
Roanoke, Virginia

INGENCO’s proposal to build a 4 MW LFG-to-Energy plant at the Smith Gap landfill was recently chosen as the best initial offer by the Roanoke Valley Resource Authority, with local authorities selecting the bid from among seven competing RFP responses. The project, as proposed, would provide electrical power to over 1,300 homes, and would build upon the Company’s expanding base of LFG-to-Energy plants in western Virginia. Currently, the Company is developing and constructing four new LFG-to-Energy plants, two of which are located in the western Virginia cities of Dublin and Bristol. Management is currently in final negotiations with the Roanoke Authority, with the expectation that a conclusive agreement can be reached in the near future.

INGENCO Constructing Four New LFG-to-Energy Plants

July 1, 2013
Richmond, Virginia

Building upon a long and successful track-record of developing and operating LFG-to-Energy plants, INGENCO is currently developing and constructing four new plants in three states: Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida. When completed, the plants will represent 20 MW in new installed capacity, and bring the Company’s total number of energy plants to 20. It is anticipated that three of the new plants will be contracted under long-term PPA’s, with the fourth plant utilized to support a marketing initiative spearheaded by the Company’s new retail subsidiary, Collegiate Clean Energy.

Collegiate Clean Energy Inks First College Contract

February 1, 2013
Richmond, Virginia

Collegiate Clean Energy (“CCE”), a subsidiary of INGENCO formed for the purpose of serving retail “green energy” customers in the mid-Atlantic, is proud to announce that it has arranged a contract for the direct sale of electricity to a college campus located in Maryland. In the near future, it is anticipated that the Company will sign a number of like agreements with colleges and industrials intent upon reducing their carbon footprint, while also locking in attractive, long-term power rates. INGENCO’s utilization of landfill gas as a source of sustainable energy provides retail customers with a constant source of sustainable power, unlike wind and solar output which tends to fluctuate with the prevailing weather conditions.

Henrico Produces Television Segment on INGENCO

October 21, 2010
Richmond, Virginia

From the Garbage to the Grid: A Powerful By-Product of Henrico’s Trash is a 22-minute long segment produced by the Henrico County Public Relations and Media Services department that highlights the partnership between INGENCO and Henrico County at the Springfield Road Landfill. The segment details INGENCO’s process and includes interviews of Alan Petersen, VP of Development, and James Britton, Renewable Power Division Manager.

The segment, after completion of production in mid-2010, first aired in October on Henrico’s Public Access Channel (HCTV). HCTV is carried by most major cable television providers in the area and reaches approximately 100,000 households in the county. The cable networks also reach even more houses in the surrounding counties.

HCTV rotates programming on a regular basis, showing their programming on a schedule. From the Garbage to the Grid is shown one week each airing month on the even hours of Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Since its initial debut in October, it has been aired in January and April, playing over 100 times.

Henrico County distributed Garbage to the Grid in DVD format throughout the area. It has also been entered in the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Emmy Awards. HCTV’s segment Electric Garbage: Henrico Set to Convert Landfill, another piece about the Springfield Road Landfill, won an NACIO Meritorious Award for Feature Writing.

INGENCO Participates in Henrico County’s Fifth Annual Energy Symposium

January 9, 2010
Richmond, Virginia

INGENCO participated in Henrico County’s Fifth Annual Energy Symposium, held at Three Lakes Park on October 21 and on the “Plaza” at the western Government Center on October 22, 2009. A joint venture of the County of Henrico and Henrico County Public Schools, the Energy Symposium focused on providing timely information about energy conservation, alternative energy sources and cost-savings.

INGENCO’s presence at the symposium was due in large part to the new landfill gas to energy project being developed at the Springfield Road Landfill. In addition to a table top display, INGENCO brought a generator set to show how the landfill gas to energy plant will be powered.

At Three Lakes Park, sixth grade students from Brookland and Mt. Vernon Middle Schools learned about alternative energy production as well as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). Each student was given a series of questions, and each vendor was assigned specific questions to answer. Students learned about what is happening in their community as well as alternative energy. On the second day of the symposium, at the “Plaza,” Henrico County government employees were the audience.

The theme of the symposium, “You Have the Power,” emphasized individuals taking personal responsibility for reducing energy use and costs while focusing on alternative energy sources such as waste-to-energy and solar energy. In addition to INGENCO, twelve other vendors, one Henrico high school science department, and six local government entities participated in the event.

INGENCO to Develop Henrico LFG-to-energy Project

May 1, 2009
Richmond, Virginia

On March 30, Henrico County awarded INGENCO the opportunity to develop a landfill gas-to-energy facility at the Springfield Road landfill, located approximately 10 miles from INGENCO’s Headquarters at Dabney Road. It is expected that the facility will be developed as a 4 MW electric power generating plant.

INGENCO is currently in the process of reaching final agreement on the contract with Henrico County.

INGENCO hosts Landfill Gas Training Session

April 4, 2009
Richmond, Virginia

On March 19, INGENCO hosted a landfill gas training session sponsored by the Old Dominion Chapter of the Solid Waste Association of North America. The event was organized by Steve Yob, PE, Chief of Solid Waste for Henrico County, where INGENCO will soon be developing another generating project.

The seminar, which featured a full day of presentations and discussions on Virginia solid waste regulations and related issues, was intended for executive management, landfill managers, environmental managers, regulatory professionals, engineers and other solid waste professionals.

Among the speakers from INGENCO were Dr. Bob Greene, who talked about air permitting; Alan Petersen, who addressed beneficial use of landfill gas, engine systems, and current energy generation trends, challenges and opportunities; and Dave Palumbo, Senior Vice President of Development, speaking about various methods of power generation.

Attendees also toured INGENCO’s Dabney Road facility and manufacturing plant.

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