INGENCO has developed a unique approach to the energy generation industry over the last twenty years. Through extensive research, development, and testing, INGENCO’s plant construction, components, and operations have been optimized to reduce construction time, maximize performance, and maintain seamless integration with the host landfill. Here’s how we do it:

Streamlined Construction

INGENCO is responsible for its energy facilities from development to operation, ensuring the most efficient and complication-free development process in the industry. Combining our seamless interconnection process with the modular plant design and components enables our company to build each project, from construction to operation, at an incomparable pace.

Process = Product

Our process is just as important as our product, and our commitment to renewable, sustainable energy runs deep. Each of our 440 Detroit Diesel Series 60 engines is taken used from a tractor trailer and repurposed to run efficiently on landfill gas and diesel fuel using our proprietary engine controls. INGENCO engines burn a custom-mixed emulsified diesel fuel that drastically improve emissions profiles and reinforce our commitment to reducing dependence on imported oil.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Modular Design

Each INGENCO plant represents the pinnacle of an ongoing 20-year evolution in efficient power plant design. Our continued research and development efforts allow the individual plants to be adapted to fit their unique landfill. This design also enables a plant to be easily expanded as the need for higher capacity increases. By prefabricating and manufacturing nearly 90% of the equipment, from piping skids to unique switch gear panels and controls, INGENCO ensures faster, delay-free assembly and construction of each power plant.

Attention 24/7

When you partner with INGENCO, you gain additional tools to aid in monitoring your landfill. INGENCO employs its exhaustive Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to keep a close eye on the landfill’s methane production in order to better generate and sell its green energy. This constant attention also enables INGENCO to detect any issues at a host landfill before the traditional landfill monitoring systems.

An INGENCO plant uses smaller engines than those typically used by other companies in the power generation industry. These engines not only reduce operation costs, but also allow the plants to more closely match the day-to-day fluctuation in gas production inherent to all landfills, ensuring the plant’s ability to effectively consume as much of the gas the landfill produces.